Brennan (The Man Behind "The Ragamuffin Gospel")
a David Leo Schultz film
World Premiere
The Orpheum Theatre, Wichita KS
January 23, 2016
photos by Danl Blackwood
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Had to stop at one of my fav "ragamuffin selfie" locations on my way to the Orpheum. The Orpheum Theatre, Wichita. See the album info panel for a link to more info about this historic building. My friend Randy Brown helped me get the lights set for the photo background. Of course we had to test it! :-) One more shot of the marquee. I would have waited for the sign lights, but was too busy with the action inside.
My friend Betty Horn (right) and her mom were first up for the official premiere photo. Quick shout out to Barney Byard, Orpheum Theatre Director, who helped us with several things incuding setting up the sign and lights. Once the doors were opened, Jason Ropp entertained the gathering crowd with some tunes. One of Jason's songs appears in the movie. While it appears empty here, it filled up REAL quick!
I was pleasantly surprised to run into my old friend Eric Hauck! Amy and David Schultz in the center, Nanette and Rick Wise to thier left and right. In front are their kids, Naomi and Andrew Wise. Naomi has a small part in the movie, but.without providing spoilers, I will just say it's a very pivotal part. (l. to r.) Amy Schultz (actress and mom), David Schultz (writer/director), J.B. Waggoner (editor/producer) Amy and David
David Mullins and David Schultz James Bryan Smith, David Schultz, and David Mullns Amy and David Schultz, David and Robin Mullins David and Amy Schultz, J.B.'s parents Sheri and Bryan Waggoner
J.B. Waggoner, Danl Blackwood, David Schultz the house is beginning to get full and it's just about showtime... several folks took advantage of the chance to get their pic taken with David as always, David was very accessible.
J.B. with his mom and dad, Sheri and Bryan Waggoner (l. to r.) David Schultz, Aurora Myers, Laurie Reese (Aurora's daughter), and Amy Schultz - I had the pleasure to meet Aurora in early December on a road trip to Illinois to see my friend Michael Aukofer and the Appalachian Christmas Quartet. Both Aurora and her daughter had small parts in the movie. ...and it's showtime. First to start off the show is Adam Rozanas of The House FM. Then David and J.B. spoke briefly and thanked everyone for coming to support the movie, and what will most assuredly become a "ministry" as the movie "Ragamuffin" has become.
J.B. setting up his phone for a mass selfie. :-) after the movie, there was a Q&A session and discussion about the movie with (l. to r.) James Bryan Smith (author of "An Arrow Pointing to heaven, The Good & Beautiful Series), David Mullins (minister and brother of Rich Mullins), Alex Early (minister and author), and David Schultz (filmmaker). Raw video of the Q&A session after the movie (I missed the very beginning remarks).  **** Warning!! **** There are moderate spoilers in this discussion.