Jesus Fest 98
and The Legacy Kickoff event

Cessna Stadium, Wichita State University
Wichita, KS - Sunday, August 30, 1998

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For the past three years Central Christian Church in Wichita, KS held an annual combined outdoor worship service on their church grounds. With growth that necessitated five Sunday morning services, and another building project, they moved their 4th annual Jesus Fest to Cessna Stadium at Wichita State University. In addition to moving and expanding the festival, they hosted the national kickoff for The Legacy of a Kid Brother of St Frank. The worship service started at 9:30am. Several young adults who were members of past Choice Lifestyle Ministry teams that had travelled with Rich at Central Christian led us in a couple praise songs, including Rich's ever popular concert song, "Screen Door," sometimes known as "The Cup Song" because of the cup routine.



With approximately 3,500 in attendance, Pastor Joe Wright brought a very stirring message entitled, "Does character count?", which focused on the nation in crisis politically and President Clinton's disgraceful actions in the White House. "Nothing can be politically right, if it is morally wrong," Wright declared, and urged us to pray for revival, prepare for survival, and get ready for arrival. Many people came from all over the U.S. to attend the event, including many of Rich's family and friends. Quite a few found out about the event from the Rich Mullins Mailing List, including (l. to r.) Annie Raper, Michelle Walker, Mecca Morgan, Cathy Courtwright, Darva Johnson, Tammy Tolliver, Beth Ash, and Kristen Lanigan.




After the morning worship service, there were food vendors on hand and amusement rides outside the stadium. While some had picnics and rode rides, others rested in the shade to escape the ferocious heat and wait for the concert later that day. (l. to r.) Kristen Lanigan, Danl Blackwood (Rich Mullins Mailing List moderator, and Legacy webmaster), Sandy McMullen, and Beverly Burrows.


Cheryl Hurley of Broomtree Productions was one of the main driving forces behind organizing this massive event (with a lot of help from Central Christian Church). Standing next to Cheryl is Alyssa Loukota, Rich's friend and former Compassion liaison, now co-director of the Legacy.




It is impossible not to recognize Rich's brother, David Mullins, because of the strong resemblance (even with the 12 years difference in age). When he speaks and laughs, you have to look twice. However, David chose to pursue the bond between himself and his brother further by leaving his West Virginia puplit ministry of nine years, moving to Wichita, and (with Alyssa) taking over the Legacy helm to further this work and ministry of his brother.

The concert started at 6:00pm, and the stadium filled fast. After Dave welcomed us, Alyssa told us a little about what to expect and then introduced the first artists.







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